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Seams natural is promoted by Binu Jha, an M.A. B.Ed in History from Delhi University, and a certificate holder from NIFT Chennai, with a strong experiential background in designing, manufacturing and retailing women’s wear, Binu Jha specialises in using traditional and ethnic handwoven fabrics and ancient crafts from all over India and designing them into garments for the modern woman. She has been successfully running her own label and store Seams natural for over seven years in Chennai. Binu was a professor of History at the Royal College, Mumbai, before she moved to Chennai and that’s when her hobby became a full time profession. She worked for Ambattur Clothing Company, one the largest and best garment exporters in the country, before starting her own label.

  1. She has designed the costumes and the look of the English film “Five by Four” produced by NFDC and scripted and directed by Roopa Swaminathan in July 2003.
  2. She has designed the clothes for the lead female characters of the English film “That Four Letter Word ”scripted and directed by Sudhish Kamath in July 2002 and due for release this April.
  3. Binu was a Mentor for the Design Collection for the NIFT FD students in 2002 and FDIT students in 2003.
  4. On the Jury of NIFT FD 2004 Final Collection
  5. Has been providing internships and in-house training to many NIFT students